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Trekking Peaks

Pakistan is home to 108 Peaks above 7.000 m, and probably as many Peaks 6.000m. There is no count of Peaks above 5.000m an 4.000m. Five of the 14 highest independent Peaks in the world (the eight- thousands) are in Pakistan. The Peaks which are below 6.5000m high called Trekking Peaks in Pakistan and open to climb. As the Government of Pakistan Ministry of Tourism made open to climb the Peaks up to 6.500m without climbing permit and royalty of Peak in order to promote Trekking and Mountaineering in Pakistan.


There are several spectacular Peaks below 6.500m among ranges of Himalayas, Karakuram, Hindu Kush and in Pamir Area. There are many Peaks which are still unclimbed and nameless, some are technically difficult too, Hunza Adventure Leaders   is pleased to propose you the climbing expeditions of the Trekking routes.

Rupal Peak

Days: 22

pastor peak
Pastore Peak

Days: 23

Mangliksar Peak
Manglik Sar Peak

Manglik Sar Peak

Days: 20


Shaigiri Peak

Days: 17


Sonia Peak

Days: 22

Buldar Peak & Rush Lake

Days: 22